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Monday, February 25, 2013


That's what Joshua is - a micro-preemie! It sounds kind of like the name of a science experiment to me. Then again, I didn't really do that great in science, so what do I know?

Thank you for your prayers. It's been great knowing how many people want Josh to be well and strong. And I've heard so many stories of people in our situation whose children grew up to be big and buff and that's nice to hear, too :)

Josh is doing well! He is mostly stable. Bp is good - he's still on meds for that but it stopped fluctuating so much. His little heart is beating strong and he is only using 25% oxygen, which means he needs almost no extra oxygen to help him. He is enjoying his baby spa and getting all cozy and warm. They said in a few days I can put a little hat on him and give him one of his blankets so he can feel at home. My Mamaw made him a tiny one and I think it will make him feel better!

I got to hold his hand again last night. This time he responded and wrapped his little micro fingers around my finger! I know it's a reflex but I like to think that he knows I'm there and he's glad to see me. Daniel held his hand, too, and is teaching him about physics. Never too early, I guess.

Daniel and I are okay. It's a roller coaster of emotions. I'd heard that phrase before but I didn't fully appreciate it until this week. In the same hour I am elated, devastated, angry, excited, glad, and confused. That's the hardest part - not knowing how I'll react. Sometimes when I leave Josh I sob. Other times I am overjoyed to have seen him and can't stop smiling. It's weird and I guess I'll either get used to it or I'll be more consistent.

But we're hanging in there. Thank you again for the prayers and cards and messages. We read every single comment and it is really uplifting to see how many people care. I'll update again when we have some more info.

Seacrest out.



  1. Kristen. Just wanted to let you know you have 5 Lieble's sending out daily prayers for the three of you... We have been following closely and huge smiles erupt when the good news is shared... Please know we are praying, and if there is anything you all need, please don't hesitate to ask.... Charles Lieble

  2. The pregnancy hormones dont help with the mood swings. So dont ever feel bad about how crazy you feel! You cant help it! Every emotion is justified and normal. Praying for your sweet little boy!

  3. You guys are doing an amazing job Kristen! Joshua is in great hands. Think of those nurses as his personal angels sent by God to watch over him. The Brantley's are praying for all of you! Thank you for the updates. Marlena Brantley

  4. Kristen. . .My Kristen has been keeping me updated on little Joshua since friday and I have been checking your blog every day for updates. Charlie & I are praying for Joshua, you & Daniel. Little Joshua is so precious, as are all babies, but with the miracle Joshua already is, I just know that God has a special purpose for this little man! I am so proud of you and you are a great mom already...just like I knew you would be! Just know that Jesus is standing in this "storm of life" with you all. He is your refuge, He is your shelter, He is faithful, His promises are true. He will intercede for you when you don't know how to pray or what to say. Lean on Him! Trust Him!
    You and your family are very special to us! Our prayers are with you! Ann Kinamon

  5. Hi Kristen,
    The Livingstons are praying too. I have also been keeping Brian and Michelle informed so there are prayers in Texas too! I have been convicted lately that I don't spend enough time in prayer. It had already become a practice for me to pray when something or someone crosses my mind. Thanks to the wonders of facebook, you and Joshua are crossing my mind a lot. So please know that multiple times a day I am uttering your names to God. You and Daniel are special people. I can only imagine the people you are impacting now as they watch your devotion to your little miracle baby and your reliance on your awesome God. You are touching lives you may not even know. I am praying God's blessings on you all. And I know HE is answering those prayers. Praying, Sherryl Livingston

  6. Hi Kristen,
    I graduated high school with your parents and have been following your and Daniel's baby news on their FB posts. Lots and Lots of prayers going up for all of you. Thanks for keeping us all updated and Hang in there! Tonya Thomas

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