Seek and you will find

About Me

The only thing you need to know about me is that I am awesome.

No, no, I kid.

...but seriously.

Fine, I'll move on to something else. I started this blog as a way to relieve my inner sarcasm before I imploded. So far I haven't imploded but I think the sarcasm is just getting worse. 

I am married to my best friend on the planet, the one and only Daniel. He's a gunsmith - how cool is that? I would tell you what I do but my job title does not sound as nearly as badbutt as that (bad words aren't cool, guys), so we'll just say I am a secret ninja karate spy. 

I am so glad people have been reading my posts! That makes me want to invent a real unicorn just so I can give one to all of you. And if you want to share this with friends or family or your pets or whatever, it's fine with me. Just give me a shout-out so I can get external validation from society and my peers. Seriously--stick my name in there somewhere. I will find you. Not sure what constitutes 
blatant plagiarism? Shoot me an email and I'll try to clear it up for you. 

I love Diet Coke like a fat kid loves cake. Come to think of it, I love cake, too. And before you tell me that I shouldn't drink Diet Coke because it is poison, I already know, and, really, I don't care. If loving Diet Coke is wrong, I don't want to be right.
 HOWEVER: As of Tuesday, March 20th, in the year of our Lord 2012, I have stopped drinking it. I. know. I'll let you know how that goes.**

**Update 5/23/12: Yeah, I've totally gone back to drinking it. But I make myself drink a ton of water also. That counts, right?