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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Few Thoughts on Etiquette

As you have all likely noticed by now, I am the epitome of grace and dignity. And as a public service to you, I have decided to highlight a few less-than-classy things that just really bug the crap out of me. Imagine I said that last sentence in a British accent and it will seem much classier.

1) When people say "You know <insert tidbit here>, right?"
No, I don't know. If I knew, would you have just had to tell me? Probably not. Plus there is no way to say that without looking like a complete tool. And it takes 5x as long as just TELLING me to begin with. Quit it. Quit it. 

2) When people say "Ew, what you're eating looks gross." That might be true. But I still have to eat it. And now I am sad. And hungry. I'm sadgry : ( If you are going to say that you automatically have to buy me lunch. I'm pretty sure it's a law.

3) email addresses. It's 2012.

4) When someone constantly looks at something else on your person while they are talking to you. Do I have something in my teeth? Is my bra strap showing? Am I bleeding from my eyes? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS.

5) Orange Skittles.

6) When someone announces that you are in the bathroom during a company meeting. Everyone poops. But my CEO doesn't need to know about it.

6a) When I misspell the word "etiquette" so that even after I fix it the url still has it spelled wrong. Fail.

7) When lists end abruptly.

I like to keep everything fair and legal, so in the interest of full disclosure, I did not take this picture. 

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  1. That's awesome! One time you were bleeding from your eyes and I didn't tell you and then you noticed and ran to the bathroom, and when you came back into the room I yelled over the vast crowd (we were having a party), "Wow, Kristen, whatd'ya do? Fall in?!?!?" I now feel incredibly sorry for that.