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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Moving On Up!

Fine, we're moving down the hall a little. But it's still cool. They're moving Josh to a new pod (like a bunch of whales. That made me laugh way too much just now.) where he'll have his own room!! Finally, I can gossip and judge people in peace again. It's really awkward to talk about the other moms when they're sitting five feet away and glaring at you.

I'll miss Pod E. It's been good to us. We met Nurse Jennifer there. Memorieeeees. But I also like the idea of moving. It breaks up the time a little. Don't worry; we'll still see Jennifer sometimes.

Thank you for your encouragement yesterday. I was very grumpy. I didn't have any Diet Coke. I know. A baby in the NICU is bad enough, but then to be Diet Coke-less... it's almost too much to bear. I found some today, though.

I really do feel better today. I know tomorrow could be totally different. It comes with the territory. That's a big adjustment but we'll figure it out. Or lose our minds. I'm actually okay with either of those options. I wonder if they have Diet Coke in insane asylums.

All right, I know what you're all really here for. Enjoy these pictures of my super-cute baby!

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