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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Long Haul

This week has been a good one overall. I'm getting used to life in the NICU, which is both weird and good at the same time. One of the rocking chairs now has my buttprint on it permanently and that's nice because now no one else will use that chair. I don't like sharing.

We had our awesome nurse Jennifer back this week! We love her. She works so hard to go the extra mile to help us. She is the one who started dressing Joshua up in little outfits - and she color-coordinates them with his bedding. And she helped Josh make a nice card for Daniel's birthday and got Daniel some Mountain Dew! She's been really great and I can't wait to have her back next week. Don't get me wrong - all of the Northside nurses have been phenomenal. We just like Jennifer a lot. We might be in love with her a little.

Daniel got a card from Josh!

We still haven't been able to hold him. We might get to soon. I'm not as sad as I thought I would be. It's only been two weeks but I'm already getting used to not riding the ups and downs. It's hard not to get so excited at every success or really disappointed at every setback but we're learning. Josh did go back to the regular ventilator and that was awesome! He is doing pretty well, all things considered. He is getting milk and he is off his bp meds. And his brain bleed is no longer a cause for concern because he has hit the two week mark. He has been here for two weeks!!! Well, the nurses count today as two weeks. Technically I guess it's tomorrow. Whatever. I'm just pretending it's today AND tomorrow. Anything to get more celebration cake.

The next few weeks are, oddly, what I have been dreading the most: the long haul. The part where Josh isn't so sick anymore, praise the Lord, but where he isn't better enough to leave the hospital. So we wait. And make more buttprints in more rocking chairs. Soon I will own them ALL. But this part is where I think we'll be the most weary. That sounds weird but I think it's started to hit me just how long the next 12 weeks will be. We're blessed to have so much family and so many friends around to support us and that has helped a lot. It's just one of those things that requires a lot of patience. I am not known for my patience. Daniel is so patient that I'm concerned he might have inhaled marijuana by mistake sometimes. Maybe I am supposed to learn patience... meh. Why start now, right? At any rate, the time will pass. Eventually. I'll just buy a lot of books to read between now and then.

This blog used to be fun and hilarious (if I do say so myself). Now it's kind of lame and medical. I blame Josh. That rassa-frassin' baby just isn't funny. But BFF Jen and I were discussing another awesome adventure of ours recently so I'll write about that next. Maybe. I might take a nap instead.

"I enjoy the darkness."

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  1. Love the blog! I'll be following along as many others are with you, praying and cheering Josh on! I like your jokes and light attitude. If you were here in Seattle I would most definitely say that accidental 2nd-hand marijuana smoking could be a possibility. lol