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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Routine

No, the title of this post does not refer to a song and dance routine that I am going to perform for you. I know you're disappointed.

There have been several requests for me to film and post Daniel's many dance numbers - I'm trying. I really am. But someone keeps talking to me about how Some Things Are Private and how You Have To Ask Permission Before Doing Stuff Like That and Something Else I Didn't Really Catch Because Grey's Anatomy Was On And It Was A Really Good Episode About A Little Kid With Liver Disease. It's like Daniel doesn't care about this blog at all. But I'll wear him down. Don't you worry.

So, my teeny mini baby is doing well today. He's doing so well that his parents ditched him and left him with Grammy. Well, and the 14 kajillion medical staff members, but mostly Grammy. He's on the CPAP (it has bubbles!) and he's doing well! One step closer to breathing on his own. He also gets some super-rad breathing treatments for a while because his lungs keep deflating. Jerks. Part of the breathing treatment is a little vibrating massager thing that they rub on his back to break up the congestion in his lungs. It's kind of funny because it's sooo tiny (just like everything else that Josh uses) and it's just funny to think of a baby getting a massage.

And Daniel got to hold Josh today! The nurse let Daniel hold him up when they changed the bedding. It was totes awesome.

The Amazing Levitating Micro-Preemie

Today we had to discuss the dreaded W word... no, not whales. NO, not washers. It's... ... ... work. Yes, work. I know. I've kind of just stopped going but it turns out that if you don't go to work, you don't get paid, which means you don't have all that food and shelter stuff people keep mentioning. Then you run out of places to steal food from and you have no bail money and it's all just downhill from there. So as much as we're dreading it... Daniel will probably have to go back soon. His manager has been very understanding but that can only go so far, you know?

I know he has to work. But I am not looking forward to it for two reasons: 1) Daniel is the one who actually pays attention to the nurses and doctors. I try. But I get distracted by my pretty baby. And now they've added the bubbles and they're just so fun and by the time I'm done playing with those the doctor has gone. Until now that has worked because Daniel is not so easily amused and he listens. He is also a numbers guy. I am going to have to make liberal use of the pens my SIL gave me (which are so colorful, YAY) to write down everything. If I can remember them. Someone remind me.

Reason #2 that I am not looking forward to Daniel's return to work is that it means we'll settle into a routine. Normally I like routine. I even, dare I say it, love routine. But this routine means we're really, truly, no seriously in the NICU for a while. Until now it's been easy to pretend that it's only going to last a few more days and then we'll bring Joshua home. Healthy, I know. But if we get into a schedule and a pattern... it means we're really doing this. Josh is really staying in the NICU for 11 more weeks. Stupid NICU. Except please don't leave, NICU; you're saving my baby's life. I love you.

So that's it for updates. I'll keep you posted if anything cool happens, like a shark attack or if Josh learns trigonometry or something. Thanks for reading!

Yes, that is my giant thumb in the corner of the picture. 


  1. Kristen, thank you for sharing so much of your personal life with us. (even those of us who are strangers to you). Just a thought about helping you to catch all that the doctors and nurses tell you - can you use your IPad/phone/Ipod to record what they say so you won't have to remember every word? And then everyone can just play it back to hear it? Just a thought - I don't mean to impose -

  2. thanks for being so open and sharing here Kristen. I am glad you have found a place to let it all out and share also. i love the last pic on this one