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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Modest Proposal

Daniel and I went to Kroger last Friday night. We had decided to buy groceries and to stop eating out so much. No, seriously. So we were making our way down the cereal aisle when a lady walked up and asked if she could give me her card. Since I am the world's biggest chicken a person of culture and acceptance, I said yes. She then handed me this:

Yes. That happened. 

I said thank you, and she moved on. Little did she know that I could never EVER move on from this. 

Aside from the initial question of whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, I did have a few more key questions:

1) Why Kroger? Is her business nearby? Do statistics show that grocery shoppers are more willing to accept business cards from strangers? Maybe it has to do with the cereal aisle specifically. Or was it a random hand-out, like she knew she would feel ridiculous if she didn't hand out ANY cards at Kroger when she had set herself a goal to hand out at least five. Which leads me to my next question...

2) Why me? Did I give off some kind of air that I was interested in her services? Was it my Dr. Pepper t-shirt or Target jeans that sealed the deal? Is the cereal aisle the new sexy aisle? Or was it my hair - did she think I could  use a weave? So many questions. So few answers.

3) What. the. heck. Is this a viable business? Is business so good that she can hand out her cards in Kroger and walk away like a boss? Or did she just start the business last week and is trying to drum up some sales? Is she writing her own blog somewhere about the moron in Kroger who actually took a card like this from a total stranger? WILL ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS EVER BE ANSWERED?

All in all, I guess I will have to live with the mysteries. If any of you are interested in her services, I still have the card. And you can probably find her at the Russell-Ridge Kroger - I hear she works the cereal aisle on Friday nights.

Now, have another picture so I don't have to use the sexy card as the picture for Facebook when I post this:
My brother-in-law, Reverandy. Sorry, Andy. 

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